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The founder and his idea

CEO Andreas Hertle talks about the ORTHOSCOOT-story and his vision

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CEO Andreas Hertle

Remain mobile – even with an injured foot

Do you have an injured or disease-affected foot or ankle, and are you unable to bear weight on it for a certain period of time? In a difficult situation like this, the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 is an ideal and safe solution that will mobilise you and makes your everyday life much easier.

It is not easy to properly „immobilise“ a severely injured foot while remaining mobile enough to manage the challenges of daily life. The ORTHOSCOOT NH1 is an orthopaedic aid that helps you to remain mobile, simply, safely and comfortably. You position the injured leg on the individually adjustable knee pad. You can steer with your hands, and the healthy leg is used to kick-off forwards and commence motion. The ORTHOSCOOT is highly manoeuvrable and can be used at home as well as in the office. It supports you while performing standing activities for example.

When is it suitable to use the ORTHOSCOOT NH1:

  • Fracture of ankle, midfoot or forefoot
  • Severe Distortions of foot and / or ankle
  • Lesion of the ankle supporting tendons
  • Complex lesions of the ligaments around the ankle with necessary non-weight bearing
  • Amputations at the level of distal lower leg, ankle, hindfoot or forefoot with necessary non- weight bearing
  • Required rest after surgery of the calcaneus or other midfoot or forefoot bones

Rent the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 - For increased flexibility at eye level

More about the ORTHOSCOOT NH1

Patient with ORTHOSCOOT NH1

This is how it works

1. Get a prescription for the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 from your attending physician

Just clarify if the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 can be of help for your own medical condition. Contact your attending doctor about this matter. He or she will also advise you about the right using period as well as providing a help aid prescription for the device.

2. Order the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 through medical supply stores

Contact your local medical supply store with the help aid prescription. Stores will support you in ordering the product, deliver it as well as instruct you in its use and clarify the reimbursement of costs with your personal health care insurance. The ORTHOSCOOT NH1 will be ready for you to be picked up at the medical supply store usually within 48 hours after receipt of order.

3. Return the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 through medical supply stores

Mobile again? Just return the product after the rental period has ended to your medical supply store. Contact the store and return your ORTHOSCOOT NH1 there.

Patients reviews

Patient 1

The ORTHOSCOOT NH1 enabled me to even cover distances around my appartement. I really liked the possibility to transport smaller objects in the storage space. You can actually drive the knee-walker with only one hand. Another positive aspect was the manoeuvrability.

Patient 2

Great device, that relieved me a lot in everyday life. I am most convinced by the mobility the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 allows. Without exertion I can get from A to B and even carry smaller objects like coffee cups.

Patient 3

I‘m a professional footballer and I had an ankle injury that meant not putting weight on the foot for a week. With crutches longer distances would have quickly become a torture, and the tendency towards inactivity would have in-creased. The ORTHOSCOOT has helped me enormously to stay mobile without my shoulders aching in the evening! It was really easy to store in the car, and getting around everywhere was much safer and more comfortable. It also attracted enthusiastic attention. The storage space in the „centre console“ is also really handy.

Patient 4

Altogether, the functionality convinced me. With the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 I could easily travel by train or stow it away in my car. In addition, the device aroused great interest among the public.

Patient 5

I would recommend this great and practical medical aid to everyone in need of relieve after an injury or surgery. To rent the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 instead of a wheel chair was the very, very best decision my doctor could suggest. Very easy to handle, high mobility and the knee rest can also be used while sitting.

Patient 6

From the very first minute, the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 was my constant companion at home. With a little exercise in turning and reversing, I could even manage to work and cook in my kitchen. Outdoors, the NH1 also proves as absolutely reliable and easy to control. No matter if you are in the mall or in the city – everyone looks and asks with interest about where to buy the scooter. In my case, it is the very best aid I can imagine. You as a team have created an amazing product with great design and functionality.


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