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ORTHOSCOOT NH1 Frontansicht


The ORTHOSCOOT NH1 enables its users to keep their daily action radius, even while being limited by an injury. The device can be operated indoor as well as outdoor, while the risk of potential accidents is significantly decreased. Furthermore save movement with low amounts of force necessary and without external help is provided.

TÜV-zertifiziertCE-LogoISO 11199-2 und ISO 12182 zertifiziert


Crutch holder

Crutches, necessary for climbing stairs or to span short distances, can be easily stored on the individually mounted crutch holder. This makes using the ORTHOSCOOT now even more flexible and it´s users more independent.


Toolless build up and dismantling

The ORTHOSCOOT NH1 has been developed and constructed in a way so that everyone can quickly built it up without any tools necessary. The suspending front tyres of the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 can be easily mounted to the axle by pushing the red buttons. Together with the foldable handlebar and the adjustable kneepad, the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 is ideal for transportation by car.

Werkzeugloser Auf- und Abbau

Storage compartment

For the transportation of personal belongings, the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 offers a unique storage compartment below the steering column. This compartment provides the possibility to transport belongings, groceries for example, without occupying your hands. The storage compartment has been designed for a payload of 4 kg.


Reflectors for optimized visibility

Small details help to increase safety. Reflectors on front- and backside of the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 help to improve the visibility of its user under bad light conditions or during night.

Reflektoren für bessere Sichtbarkeit

Lock up eyelet | NH1-safety lock

For anti-theft protection, we have equipped the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 with a lock up eyelet. It offers the possibility to lock the NH1 up with the special ORTHOSCOOT safety lock. You should pay attention not to leave the device unattended and always lock it to immobile objects. You can get the ORTHOSCOOT safety lock through your local health care supply store.


Be self confident

Besides all advantages in terms of medical benefits and safe mobility, the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 also contributes to the mental recovery of patients. With its modern design patients can be self confident on eye level with surrounding people and without any further assistance being needed. This independence supports patients a lot and increases their life quality during this debilitating period of their life.


Medical benefit

Distinctly increased unloading

The in its technical design unique ORTHOSCOOT NH1 is a good alternative to traditional walking aids for patients that are during the period prior or after their surgery not allowed to bear any or just limited weight on foot or ankle. For all persons (up to 120 kg) with chronic or temporary limitation on foot, ankle or distal lower leg the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 offers an almost unlimited mobility while simultaneously unloading the injured extremity. Just ask your attending physician about it.


Optimized storage of the affected extremity

Especially during the acute period after surgery it is important to keep the foot as calm as possible and to store it elevated if applicable. But this is not as easy as it might sound! Especially as wrong storage or bearing too much weight can cause additional appointments with doctors, revision surgeries or longer unemployability. By storing the diseased foot on the ergonomic NH1 kneepad, excessive swelling of leg and foot are prevented.


More mobility and vitality

With the unique ORTHOSCOOT NH1 the patient is active and motoring the device by pushing himself with the healthy leg. Doing so actively helps to prevent from atrophy of muscle during the period after surgery. Additionally the user keeps his action radius almost at the same level as it would be if he was not injured. This counts for patients movement inside as well as outside without the help of others. The compact design makes it even easier to pass narrow doors as well as pavements.


NH1 kneepad

The NH1´s kneepad is the most important interface between patient and device. Priority is to store the injured extremity smooth and stable. Through the ergonomic storage of the lower leg on the NH1 kneepad a mobilization of the patient while simultaneous unloading of the extremity becomes possible.

NH1 Knieauflage

Indications for prescription of an orthopedic scooter

  • Fracture of ankle, midfoot or forefoot
  • Severe Distortions of foot and/or ankle
  • Lesion of the ankle supporting, tendons around the ankle which require non weight bearing of the lower extremity for weeks or months
  • Status/post surgery of ankle joint, midfoot or forefoot with necessary non-weight bearing or reduced weight bearing
  • Severe soft tissue damage of lower extremity with necessary non-weight bearing
  • Complex lesions of the ligaments around the ankle with necessary non-weight bearing
  • Amputations at the level of distal lower leg, ankle, hindfoot or forefoot with necessary non- weight bearing
  • Osteochondral lesions of ankle or midfoot with necessary non-weight bearing after operation
  • Necessary non-weight bearing after surgery for correction of flatfoot, clubfoot or other severe deformities
  • Required rest after surgery of the calcaneus or other midfoot or forefoot bones



  • Disturbance of the sense of balance, which might not allow to drive a orthopedic scooter
  • Injury or disease of both lower legs, which makes the use of the mechanical orthopedic roller impossible
  • Acute thrombosis of the injured leg
  • Fixateur externe at the level of lower leg and/or ankle
  • Acute wound infection of the injured foot
  • Reduced ability for weight bearing at knee level, e.g. after knee endoprosthesis
  • Polyneuropathy with reduction or loss of sensibility of lower leg and foot of the injured side
  • Patients after injury or trauma with damage on both legs what prevents using the orthopedic scooter


CE conformity marking

The CE marking is ORTHOSCOOT's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.



The ORTHOSCOOT NH1 was tested by the provider of technical, safety, and certification services TÜV and meets the essential requirements of all relevant directives.
DIN EN ISO 13485 || ISO 9001 – 93/42/EWG CE || DIN EN ISO 11199-2 || DIN EN 12182


Technical data NH1

  • Weight: 13,8 kg
  • Length: 92 cm
  • Wheelbase: 65,5 cm
  • Width: 58 cm
  • Ground clearance: 3,5 cm
  • Height of handlebar above ground: min. 87 cm / max. 96 cm
  • Knee-Rest height above ground:   min. 41 cm / max. 51,5 cm
  • Supporting surface knee pad: 30 cm x 17,5 cm
  • Tyre dimension: 10“ x 2,5 cm
  • Turning circle 2,95 m
  • Additional load of transport bag: max. 4 kg
  • User weight: max. 120 kg
  • Pack size: L: 840 mm B: 480 mm H: 530 mm
  • Girth: 2860 mm