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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a prescription for the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 from my attending physician?

Yes. The ORTHOSCOOT can be prescribed to publically & privately insured patients. Also patients under cover of employers’ liability insurance associations can receive a prescription for the NH1.

I want to rent but prior test an ORTHOSCOOT NH1. Where can I do that?

Contact your local medical supply store for a „test drive“. Shouldn´t they have a demonstrator at the shop already, the store is going to contact us in order to get a device for that purpose.

Can I buy the ORTHOSCOOT NH1?

No. Due to its purpose the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 has been developed as a pure rental product. In rare cases, for example patients suffering from chronic diseases, exceptions can be made.

Does the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 fit into my car?

Yes. For transportation the kneepad can be lowered and the handle bar being folded. It´s tyres can easily be removed by pushing the red button. The small pack size of 51 cm x 47 cm x 82 cm makes transportation with most car types easily possible. Remove tyres: Please note the indications on the tyres for their position on product. “R” = right tyre, “L” = left tyre. (in driving direction)

Does the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 have an engine?

No. Upon recommendation of medical professionals, a medical device should keep up patients' activity level during convalescence. Up to this reason, the NH1 is a completely manually driven device.

Where do I put my crutches?

For the transportation of crutches a crutch holder is available as a standard equipment for your NH1. Please indicate the position when ordering by letting us know which leg is the injured one, left or right.

Where do I get an ORTHOSCOOT NH1?

The ORTHOSCOOT NH1 is available through your regional, medical supply store. If this specific store should not yet be an ORTHOSCOOT-partner, we will immediately get into contact with them.

Can I use the ORTHOSCOOT NH1 outdoor?

Yes. The ORTHOSCOOT NH1 was developed for indoor as well as outdoor use. Anyway we recommend to get the NH1 cleaned after using it outside (during winter) when it was in contact with salted surface of streets and pavements. Moreover we suggest not to leave the NH1 permanently in bright sunlight over a long period of time.

How can I lock up or respectively secure the ORTHOSCOOT NH1?

An eyelet was welded into the frame structure (the tow in hook) that can be used in comparison with the special ORTHOSCOOT safety lock. Locked to an immobile object (for example a traffic sign) protects the NH1 from theft. You can get the NH1 safety lock through your local medical supply store.